iOS Weekly Update: 06/01/16 – Surfingers, Hell is a Mountain Flower and More

Number of Games: 29
Latest Update: 04:10
Recent Highlight: AMAZR

There will likely be a lot of overspill and old news in this roundup due to the nature of the Appstore and the time of year. Hope you all had a fantastic time throughout the holidays and have a great new year!

Tap My Katamari – Endless Cosmic Clicker (by Bandai Namco) [Free, Universal] New Zealand Soft Launch

Halfpipe Hero (by Bit Free Games) [Free, Universal]

Merged! (by GramGames) [Free, Universal]

Ark Age HD (by Hunmo Chung) [Free, Separate Versions] iPhone Version Available

Fat City (by Heavy Iron Studios) [Free, Universal]

Pixel Starships (by Savy Soda) [Free, Universal]

Star Trek Multiverse (by Disruptor Beam) [Free, Universal] New Zealand Soft Launch

Reiner Knizia’s The Confrontation (by Offworld Games) [$9.99, iPad Only]

Gone Rogue (by Ape Apps) [Free, Universal]

IWO: Bloodbath in the Bonins (by HexWar Games) [$4.99, iPad Only]

Discouraged Workers (by Lee Yunseok) [$1.99, Universal]

TraptionBakery (by Jonathon Prestidge) [$3.99, Universal]

Skylanders Battlecast (by Activision Publishing) [Free, Universal]

Spell Breakers (by Brainoid Games) [Free, Universal]

Monster Roller (by Boomzap) [Free, Universal]

Planktons (by Planet of the Apps) [Free, Universal]

Surfingers (by Digital Melody Games) [Free, Universal]

Swing (by Ketchapp) [Free, Universal]

Bouncy Pong (by Bulkypix) [Free, Universal]

Transformers: Earth Wars (by Backflip Studios) [Free, Universal] Pulled?

Age of Wushu Dynasty (by Snail Games USA) [Free, Universal]

Basket Fall – Endless Dunking Sim (by Kumobius) [Free, Universal]

Hell is a Mountain Flower (by Doppler Interactive) [99c, Universal]

Defenders 2 (by NIVAL) [Free, Universal]

TMNT – Portal Power (by Nickelodeon) [$4.99, Universal]

Jetpack Fighter (by Hi-Rez Studios) [Free, Universal]

Hex Mechs (by HexWar Games) [99c, Universal]

LONEWOLF (by FDG Mobile Games) [Free, Universal]

AMAZR (by Pronetis) [Free, Universal]

4 thoughts on “iOS Weekly Update: 06/01/16 – Surfingers, Hell is a Mountain Flower and More

    1. Looks like it might have been pulled then, as it was definitely on the NZ store when I posted it. Thank you for the heads up though, I’ll keep an eye out for a return/more information.


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