Hi guys, I’m Pete Osborne; as you might have determined from my rather uncreative username. I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember, having discovered the real joys of co-op gaming with my Grandmother’s Amiga. Having a brother has never felt more useful than Blood Money and Dynamite Dux!

Since those days that have long since passed, I’ve owned a great range of consoles and played a rather ridiculous number of games. From James Pond and Todd’s Adventures in Slime World to Bastion and Ikaruga. My enthusiasm for the media has never waned, even with the recent troubles that have forums slinging hyperbole across the room. I’m a hopeless optimist and romantic; at least when it comes to gaming as my wife reminds me all too often!

Nowadays, you’ll most likely find me on Steam playing one game with my iPad in hand playing something else. Chances are the Xbox One is on and the controller in my other hand too! It’s a passion for me and something I love to share so even if you just want to talk about the benefits of horse armour, send me a message!

Developers: I’m always happy to talk about your games, try them out and write articles on them if you wish. I’m always interested in the world behind the games I love so send me anything you wish: promotional material, demos, review builds, even memes! If I can help out then I’d be delighted.



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