Note from the Author (That’s me!)

First of all, I want to apologise for the recent lack of posts. I really appreciate that the viewing numbers have still been steadily increasing, far beyond my wildest expectations on first starting the blog. I’m not an expert in the area of demographics or website design, but seeing the site go to 1000 unique visitors a month and then even close to 500 in one single day has been an incredible morale boost. I started the site from a friend’s encouragement, so to see a user-base springing up in countries like South Korea, Japan and Lebanon is mind-blowing!

A few months ago, it began to really ache when I type. I figured it was an extension of the muscle pains I’ve experienced regularly for the last ten or so years; unpleasant but they tend to pass with time. Unfortunately, the pain increased incredibly dramatically, to the point that typing for half an hour leaves its mark with a few hours of very intense pain in my hands and joints. It’s taken a fair bit of time (and poking with needles!) to finally diagnose two forms of arthritis: rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. It’s fairly unusual to have both, so I should probably consider myself lucky! Ash Ketchum would be proud.

It’s made keeping on top of the weekly roundups a very difficult task. With the nature of the task requiring constant checking and updating throughout the day, it really leaves its mark both physically and mentally. Playing games (something that I would say defines who I am) has become as punishing as it is pleasurable which obviously affects how quickly I can create reviews. I firmly believe in completing a game before covering it, which can make certain genres much tougher than others. I never considered how destructive the condition could be, until the day I woke up unable to unclench my hand for over an hour.

This isn’t a “woe is me” type post and I fully intend to keep sticking at this site. For all of you and for myself. I’m awaiting specialist treatment and that will hopefully include medicinal help as well as therapy that will make coping with this actually possible. Until then, I’m hoping this goes some way to explain why the site has run a little dry. I’ll never stop, I hope I can promise that much, and the comments recently have helped hugely so I really appreciate the kind support I’ve received from people that have no reason to do so.

Thank you, to everyone who reads this.
Pete Osborne

Partnership with

On a short personal note, I wanted to announce that I’m forging a partnership with GameMob. I’ll be reviewing, discussing and rounding up the latest iOS releases there as well as on this site and I’m incredibly proud to be doing so. I’ll still be updating the blog daily but it’s a great opportunity to force a wider audience to listen to my ramblings and something I’m very excited to pursue.

It’s a great site which excels at up-to-date mobile gaming news, so obviously that suits me perfectly. Without any bias, it’s well worth checking them out as I’ve found they are often faster to report than most other major sites and cover a better range of under-the-radar titles.

I really do have to thank you guys though; your continued visits, comments and link-clicks have made this possible for me. So cheers, you can return to your scheduled gaming information!

Red Winter’s latest Lost Viking hits the Appstore

Red Winter are one of my favourite developers, almost solely for the original Dungelot; a roguelike/boardgame fusion that has been copied by nearly every freemium dungeon crawler since. Obviously, they’re unperturbed by heavily influenced games as Lost Viking is clearly an homage to Threes; another game no stranger to copying. There’s a structured campaign to Lost Viking though and it looks to bring a lot of what made Dungelot so great to the table. Hopefully they’ve learned a little from the slightly disappointing but quickly revamped Dungelot 2.

Either way, Lost Viking is available to buy in all regions and is looking great from my point of view!

LostViking Lost Viking LostViking2

Vektor 1.0 Hits Appstore

I don’t normally make special posts for single games but I’m going to start making exceptions for big releases; in this case it’s the uber stylish Vektor 1.0 which only recently popped onto my radar. Well, it’s just hit the Appstore in New Zealand and is free to boot so there’s no excuse not to give it a download!

Click to the article to get the Appstore link. Apologies for requiring the extra click, but it lets me check how many people are interested in articles like these and therefore whether they’re worth doing again in the future.

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Best Games You’ve Never Played – Part One: iOS RPGs

With hundreds of games launching a week on Apple’s iDevices, it would be impossible to catch every stray crumb of delicious gaming that falls from the Appstore’s maw. As such, I wanted to present a few choice picks from each console but the list soon grew out of hand. So, aware of the rather large task I’ve just awarded myself, I’ve broken down each platform’s picks into genre top lists to give me more freedom to elaborate on my decisions and a much more generous number of games to choose from. I’ll begin with possibly my favourite genre, the RPG, since the iOS scene has been let down recently by a large quantity of free-to-play cookie cutter disappointments.

It’s a difficult genre to classify, with “RPG features” being one of the most popular taglines to slap on a new release to garner interest. Because of this, there will most likely be some disagreement about whether all the mentioned games fit into the category or are worthy of acclaim – this is absolutely fine and I encourage anyone to post their suggestions or comments, it’ll be great to hear some other views on the topic. Without further ado then and in no particular order, 10 RPGs that were criminally under-appreciated.

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