iOS Roundup: 30/09/14

As usual, Tuesdays provide a hearty supply of interesting iOS games. From big names to cool looking indies, there’s a little of everything to warm you up for a massive Wednesday haul.

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Risen 3: Titan Lords – Review

Platform: PC/Console (Xbox 360 Version Reviewed)
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Genre: RPG
Price: Varied Retail
Release Date: August 12th 2014

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iOS Roundup: 28/09/14

A surprisingly decent haul for a Sunday and yet again another boardgame translation. Not sure why that’s becoming a trend but it’s definitely interesting to see if it continues.

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iOS Roundup: 27/09/14

If you still need a new iOS fix after the two previous bounties then there are some interesting releases today. Headlined by a new Kairosoft game, which is always a highlight for myself.

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iOS Roundup: 26/09/14

A light day but quite possibly a necessary one; the two previous days have been so packed that it’s probably worth going back and checking what you missed. As always, I’ll keep updating as I find games throughout the day so things can always improve!

Update: Some pretty massive titles have just soft launched so scratch that paragraph!

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iOS Roundup: 25/09/14

As standard, there’s a fair amount of overspill from yesterday’s torrential downpour of games. Some pretty big and interesting titles too!

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iOS Roundup: 24/09/2014

As expected, it’s a pretty big one. With a few expected titles missing at the moment, there’s promise of a massive turnout by the end of the day.

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iOS Roundup: 23/09/14

Plenty today before tomorrow’s bountiful release with more than a few soft launches and new faces. The return of PathPix is always a welcome sight for me, at least!

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iOS Roundup: 22/09/14

Another quiet day but I’m willing to bet the next two days will make up for it. Keep an eye out for the next few updates just in case!

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