iOS Roundup: 31/10/14

A quiet day as many would predict but I’m intrigued by Away Team and the rest are also interesting so by no means a lost cause. Midnight Star sounds big but the release notes suggest it’s been out a while so I’m confused why the AppStore suggests it’s brand new. Either way, it’s got to be worth trying if you haven’t already!

Update: 00:00. Red Winter’s latest Lost Viking along with a few others.

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iOS Roundup: 30/10/14

I am, sadly, no longer a member of TA; having had my confidence tested a little too much. This gives me much more time to devote to this site and ensures it will always have the latest content, such as the interesting titles that have just appeared!

Updated 21:00

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iOS Roundup: 29/10/14

An extraordinarily quiet Wednesday today, hopefully it will improve as the day goes on.

Update: Another flurry of games to make up for the poor start.

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Vektor 1.0 Hits Appstore

I don’t normally make special posts for single games but I’m going to start making exceptions for big releases; in this case it’s the uber stylish Vektor 1.0 which only recently popped onto my radar. Well, it’s just hit the Appstore in New Zealand and is free to boot so there’s no excuse not to give it a download!

Click to the article to get the Appstore link. Apologies for requiring the extra click, but it lets me check how many people are interested in articles like these and therefore whether they’re worth doing again in the future.

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iOS Roundup: 28/10/14

There’s a re-release from Bulkypix, a worldwide Warhammer game and a little bit more; nothing too shabby for a Tuesday. I’ll update through the day as more games come out. Click to see the whole haul as always.

Update: 21:45. It never ends!

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iOS Roundup: 27/10/14

I must say that I never expected The Longest Journey to ever release on iOS, but the week that gave us Seabeard has delivered again! A nice little collection to go alongside that too.

Latest Update: 10:30pm

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iOS Picks of the Week – Entry 2

I’ll admit I have a bad habit of squirreling away games I’m excited to play and will quite often never get round to playing them. These weekly summaries have meant I’ve played everything I’ve downloaded which has been great for me, so I guess I should thank you guys! It’s actually been a hefty task consolidating my favourites this week, I was surprised looking back how many enjoyable games launched.

The following games are picks from the week’s releases that I have enjoyed enough to recommend trying out; it’s not a comprehensive list and by no means suggests that missing titles aren’t worth playing either. If there’s something you’ve loved and I’ve not mentioned it then leave a comment. In no particular order, here are the games from the week starting on the 20th of October that I’ve enjoyed the most.

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iOS Roundup: 26/10/14

And here I thought Sundays were a day of rest! Not a bad little haul in my opinion and if you have an iPad with access to a Canadian account then there’s an interesting loot ’em up to be had. If not, then download Box Invaders, the production values and polish in it are incredible for an under the radar game.

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iOS Roundup: 25/10/14

A little later than usual as there appeared to be little worth mentioning, but a few surprises appeared. If you like pixelated visuals then you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. Tomorrow will be the weekly roundup so keep an eye out if you’ve missed a few of the previous roundups!

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iOS Roundup: 24/10/14

Surprise! Might be a good time to load up a Canadian account if you have one as there are three big ‘uns worth checking out.

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