Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 13/04/15

Another expensive week for myself, with quite a few games on sale that have never seen reductions anywhere near the like they face this week. If you’re into bundles then it’s really worth checking out the MGS 10 Year Anniversary Bundle where beating the average will net you some absolute classics like Torchlight 2, realMyst and a slew of great point and click adventure titles. If you’ve stocked your Steam wallet in preperation for this Monday’s sales then read on for my recommendations from the weeklong sale starting on the 13th of April.

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Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 07/04/15

Quite the nice and varied haul for this week’s sale which has proved to be expensive personally! As much as my wallet may sting, it’s always good to find a selection of games on sale that have either never been reduced before or don’t find themselves discounted too often. These are my highlights of the weekly Steam sale of the week beginning the 8th of April.

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Steam Sale Weekly Roundup: 30/03/15

A bigger bounty than the last few weeks, which is always appreciated even if you own the highlights as normal! The bundles of the day include some lesser known and not necessarily well-received games as well as a Worms collection if you’re a series fan that somehow hasn’t picked them up over time. These are my picks of the weeklong sale starting on Monday the 30th of March.

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Steam Sale Weekly Roundup: 23/03/15

A weekly sale chock full of cool indie items this time. On an unrelated note, the current IndieGala bundle has a couple of absolute classics in it so I recommend giving that a little look; Freedom Planet and Crimzon Clover are fantasic games well worth their RRPs any day. With the temporary excitement of a price glitch bringing a £12 game down to 50p finished, these are the highlights of the week-long sale starting Monday the 24th of March.

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Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 16/03/15

Quite a small and unassuming sale this week though there are always a number of gems if you look close enough. Apologies for missing the last week’s roundup; it’s quite possible I totally forgot I was running a new feature! Here are my highlights of the reductions for the week beginning Monday the 16th of March.

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Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 02/03/15

In the first of a new regular series, I’ll be covering my personal highlights of the Steam sale that refreshes every Monday at 6pm  (UTC+00:00). It will balance the best reductions with the best games, aiming to pick the quality titles at their lowest ever prices. I’ll likely not cover the daily specials as they’re well-advertised but given the sheer number and range of the Weeklong sales, sometimes a little helping hand is necessary. The prices will be correct at the time of publishing but please make sure to double check before you confirm the purchase. Without further ado, here are my picks of the weekly reductions starting on Monday the 2nd of March.

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