iOS Weekly Roundup: 02/03/16 – Road to be King, Adventure to Fate and More

Number of Games: 18
Latest Update: 04:28
Recent Highlight: Bonbon Cakery

Deep Terror (by MEGOCORP) [Free, Universal]

Dungeon Monsters RPG (by HereWeGames) [Free, Universal]

Lost Tracks (by VIA University College, Campus Horens) [Free, Universal]

Toilet Squad (by Touchten) [Free, Universal]

LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros (by LEGO Systems) [Free, Universal]

Mega Warriors (by Mokak Games) [Free, Universal]

Oloro (by Mallowyn) [Free, Universal]

Road to be King (by Noodlecake Studios) [Free, Universal]

Diner Dynasty (by Prodigy Design) [Free, Universal]

Timeless Wizard (by Appsolute Games) [Free, Universal]

Hoodrip Skateboarding (by Arcticplay Studios) [Free, Universal]

Perfect Angle (by Ivanovich Games) [$1.99, Universal]

Peter Panic (by [adult swim]) [Free, Universal]

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers (by Power Place Publishing) [$4.99, Universal]

Mycocosm (by Alex May) [Free, Universal]

Flud (by Dmitro Chalovskiy) [99c, Universal]

Adventure to Fate: Quest to the Future JRPG (by TouchMint) [$2.99, Universal]

Glass Road (by Smart and Smarty) [$4.99, iPad Only]

Bonbon Cakery (by Kairosoft) [Free, Universal]

World Piece (by OBOK AIDEM) [Free, Universal]

Noble Run (by FredBear Games) [Free, Universal]

Hill Climb Forever (by ASK Homework) [Free, Universal]

This will be my last iOS roundup so I just wanted to thank you all for coming along every week and checking this small blog. Health issues along with a lack of confidence (largely due to copy/pasting rudeness) has made these posts difficult to enjoy. This is very much a hobby for me, I don’t make any money from it at all so it’s hard to keep motivated after a few setbacks including a loss in the family.

It’s been one heck of a ride though and I’m very lucky to have met you lovely people. I hope you all continue to enjoy iOS gaming as much as I have. Your support has meant the world to me over the last year or so. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “iOS Weekly Roundup: 02/03/16 – Road to be King, Adventure to Fate and More

  1. Hey, Pete, that Switchcars isn’t real/is a scam. On Twitter, the dev hasn’t even released the game on Early Access yet and said that a mobile version doesn’t exist yet


  2. So sorry to hear about the health issues and loss you are going through. You’ve been an invaluable asset to the iOS community and I will always feel indebted for all you have done. I wish you all the best Pete!


  3. I’m really sorry to hear that Pete and I want to thank you for the amazing work you did on this website. You’ve helped me and a lot of people find new, interesting games and I hope that you’ll get better.

    If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate.

    I’m hoping I’ll see you again sometime writing about games but in the meantime, rest and get better.

    Thanks again for everything you’ve done.


  4. Wow, that’s a a bummer. You seem to be a really nice fella, Pete, so I hope you’ll be okay. Know that you’ll be missed though!


  5. I sure im not the only one that say you was the go to man when it come to find them ios titles that no one else found and i bet there are a couple of sites that relied on to for their lists yet would give you no credit. I just wished one of us could return the favour and carry on the work you done.


  6. This blog really was one the go-to for new releases in a week. Hope you get well soon and thank you for your work!


  7. I rarely visit the site, but i still do coz i think this is one of the best new release resource sites, and it’s quite sad to see it end. Wishing you all the best Pete!


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