Serpent in the Staglands – Preview


I’d like to think I’m not the kind of person that’s susceptible to hype. I tend to avoid reading about upcoming games, not because I don’t want to get excited about something intangible, but because I don’t really see the benefit. It’s hard to justify lusting after something I can’t have for months when my backlog contains so many untouched titles that deserve attention instead.

Well, that’s my typical stance anyway. During the daily touring of the newly-listed Steam titles to build a comprehensive wishlist, I came across Whalenought Studios’ Serpent in the Staglands and my willpower abandoned me.

Having now had a chance to play some of the game myself, I can only say that it meets and then exceeds every hope and expectation I had for it.
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Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 13/04/15

Another expensive week for myself, with quite a few games on sale that have never seen reductions anywhere near the like they face this week. If you’re into bundles then it’s really worth checking out the MGS 10 Year Anniversary Bundle where beating the average will net you some absolute classics like Torchlight 2, realMyst and a slew of great point and click adventure titles. If you’ve stocked your Steam wallet in preperation for this Monday’s sales then read on for my recommendations from the weeklong sale starting on the 13th of April.

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Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 07/04/15

Quite the nice and varied haul for this week’s sale which has proved to be expensive personally! As much as my wallet may sting, it’s always good to find a selection of games on sale that have either never been reduced before or don’t find themselves discounted too often. These are my highlights of the weekly Steam sale of the week beginning the 8th of April.

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