iOS Weekly Roundup: 02/09/15 – I am Bread, The Deer God, Worms 4 and More

Number of Games: 48
Latest Update: 13:08
Recent Highlight: Rebuild 3

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile (by The Pokemon Company) [Free, Universal]

Soul Slasher (by Pillars Studio) [Free, Universal]

SkillShot (by Newtronium) [Free, Universal]

Pip Panic! (by Wai Yin Leong) [Free, Universal]

Plock It (by NuFrame) [Free, Universal]

KORNOK (by Rodrigo Saco) [99c, Universal]

GrandSphere (by Silicon Studio) [Free, Universal]

POCKET FOOTBALLER (by KAYAC) [Free, Universal]

Amnesia: Memories Premium Edition (by Goczus) [$22.99, Universal] Free Version Available

War of Six Kingdoms: Overlord of Vesquire (by Yasunori Shimamura) [$4.99, Universal]

Swap Cops (by Christopher Savory) [Free, Universal]

Worms 4 (by Team17 Software) [$4.99, Universal]

The Deer God (by Crescent Moon Games) [$6.99, Universal]

Run & Don’t Get Fat! (by Pine Entertainment) [Free, Universal]

Unkilled (by Madfinger Games) [Free, Universal]

Rock(s) Rider – HD Edition (by ECA-Games) [$2.99, Universal]

Raider Rush (by Wilhelm Clemm) [Free, Universal]

Mazeing (by Juha Pennanen) [99c, Universal]

Seashine (by Pated) [Free, Universal]

Mister Smith & His Adventures (by Ayopa Games) [Free, Universal]

Block It (by Ketchapp) [Free, Universal]

QuizTix: BBC Comedy Genius (by QuizTix) [Free, Universal]

Cube Fall – Endless Free Fall (by Appsolute Games) [Free, Universal]

Voyagers the Game (by PC Studio) [Free, Universal]

Fishy Bits (by PlaySide) [Free, Universal]

Dungeon Legends (by Digital Things) [Free, Universal]

Democracy Quest – Walk. Explore. Rule! (by Steve O’Gorman) [Free, Universal]

King of Bugs (by Nova Games) [Free, Universal]

Blocky Highway (by Dogbyte Games) [Free, Universal]

Avoid Electro Edition (by Game Entertainment) [Free, Universal]

Z.O.N.A Project X (by Igor Migun) [$1.99, Universal]

Ignite: Nitro Drift (by Chillingo) [Free, Universal]

Electro Ball – Avoid the Shocks! (by Retro Dreamer) [Free, Universal]

Power Ping Pong (by Chillingo) [$4.99, Universal]

Paper Train: Traffic (by Istom Games) [$1.99, Universal]

World of Warriors: Duel (by Mind Candy) [Free, Universal]

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator (by Coffee Stain Studios) [$4.99, Universal]

Trick Shot (by Jonathon Topf) [$1.99, Universal]

Sky Whale (by Nickelodeon) [Free, Universal]

Prismatica (by Thordur Matthiasson) [$3.99, Universal]

I am Bread (by Bossa Studios) [$4.99, Universal]

[Premium]RPG Asdivine Dios (by Kotobuki Solutions) [$4.99, Universal]

Delta Force Army Training (by Craneballs) [Free, Universal]

Micromix (by Ezequiel Mora) [99c, Universal]

Fat Baby Galaxy (by Fat Baby Games) [Free, Universal]

MiniGolf MMO (by James Paulin) [Free, Universal]

Legendary Warriors (by Oink Games) [Free, Universal]

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville (by Sarah Northway) [$4.99, Universal]

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