iOS New Releases Roundup: 20/05/15 – Sword of Xolan, Shredmill, Til Morning’s Light, Sigils and More

Number of Games: 30
Latest Update: 04:00

Brickies (by Noodlecake Studios) [Free, Universal]

Shredmill (by Jared Bailey) [Free, Universal]

Draggy Dead (by Team Woodesh) [99c, Universal]

Battles of the Ancient World II (by HexWar Games) [$2.99, Universal]

Totome (by Javed Sterritt) [Free, Universal]

Goat Higher – Endless Climbing Adventure (by Sunny Tam) [Free, Universal]

Mixels Rush – Use Mixes, Maxes and Murps to Outrun the Nixels (by Cartoon Network) [$2.99, Universal]

Blockwick 2 Basics (by Kieffer Bros) [Free, Universal]

Flite (by Appsolute Games) [Free, Universal]

Fruit Splash (by Ketchapp) [Free, Universal]

AstroTails : Escape the Sun (by MochiBits) [Free, Universal]

Ice Age Avalanche (by Gameloft) [Free, Universal]

Super Finger Fighter (by BigHut Games) [Free, Universal]

Sigils (by Gameforge) [Free, iPad Only]

Orbit’s Odyssey – Cookies Vs. Monsters (by paperkyte) [Free, Universal]

DNO – Rasa’s Journey (by Bryan Leister) [99c, Universal]

Dungeon999F (by Ji GukHwan) [99c, Universal]

Risky Rescue (by Digital Melody Games) [Free, Universal]

The Top Spot (by Chillingo) [Free, Universal]

Skiing Yeti Mountain (by Featherweight Games) [Free, Universal]

Ball King (by Qwiboo) [Free, Universal]

Cartel Kings (by Mobile Gaming Studio) [Free, Universal]

Sword of Xolan (by Alper Sarikaya) [99c, Universal]

Harlequin (by NuOxygen) [Free, Universal]

Earthcore: Shattered Elements (by Tequila Games) [Free, Universal]

Til Morning’s Light (by Amazon Gaming Studio) [$6.99, Universal]

Only One Chance (Tracy Warrington) [Free, Universal]

Color Heroes Saga: The Cube War (by Galante) [Free, Universal]

Burokuzu Alternative (by SG Corporation) [Free, Universal]

Worp (by Max Glockling) [Free, Universal]

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