iOS New Releases Roundup: 13/05/15 – The Walking Dead, Heroes and Castles 2, IRE, Knights of Pen and Paper 2 and More

Number of Games: 54
Latest Update: 02:50

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival (by Phase One Survival) [Free, Universal] Australian Soft Launch

Tallowmere (by Chris McFarland) [$3.99, Universal]

Fragger 2 (by Harold Brenes) [$2.99, Universal]

RPG Alphadia Genesis 2 (by Kotobuki Solutions) [$4.99, Universal]

Splish Splash Pong (by Happymagenta) [Free, Universal]

Zombato! (by Michael Zechner) [99c, Universal]

Oddie and Friends:Brave Sign (by 斗米科技) [99c, Universal]

Thundering Skies (by Gustavo Galembeck) [$1.99, Universal]

Battle for Blood (by Cao Lei) [99c, Universal]

Super Puck Jam (by Joshua Kraft) [Free, Universal]

Eternity Warriors: Hero’s Call (by Glu Games) [Free, Universal] Singapore Soft Launch

Mage Match RPG (by Raymond Curatolo) [Free, Universal]

CUBIC-RUNNER (by Hitoshi Suzuki) [99c, Universal]

World of Conquerors (by Minoraxis) [Free, Universal]

ONE PIECE Run, Chopper, Run! (by Bandai Namco Entertainment) [Free, Universal]

Dragon Striker (by Netmarble Games Corp.) [Free, Universal] Singapore Soft Launch

Heroes and Castles 2 (by Foursaken Media) [$1.99, Universal]

Gamebook Adventures 10: Lords of Nurroth (by Tin Man Games) [$2.99, Universal]

Drive Ahead! (by Dodreams) [Free, Universal]

Nitro Nation Online (by Osauhing Creative Mobile) [Free, Universal]

The Next Arrow (by Kevin Choteau) [Free, Universal]

Nom Chops (by PagodaWest Games) [Free, Universal]

Guns n’ Bottles – The fastest fingers in the west (by Ivanovich Games) [Free, Universal]

Viking Remix Madness (by Ferver) [Free, Universal]

Mr. Muscle (by Flow Studio) [Free, Universal]

Fluff Eaters (by Henry Fernandez) [99c, Universal]

Sketchman (by Ketchapp) [Free, iPad Only] iPhone Version Available

Rebels and Redcoats (by HexWar Games) [$4.99, iPhone Only]

King of Up (by Easy 8 Software) [Free, Universal]

Hardboiled (by Game Dev Team) [$1.99, Universal]

Special Ops (by GameEon Infotech Private Limited) [$2.99, iPad Only] iPhone Version Available

dBugr (by Agustin Iturbide) [Free, Universal]

Flype ZX (by Andrew Jeffreys) [Free, Universal]

Mad Truck Challenge Nitro Speed (by SPIL GAMES) [Free, Universal]

antiPattern (by Arslan Zagidullin) [$1.99, Universal]

Ire:Blood Memory (by 10Birds) [Free, Universal]

God Hands (by Barreleye) [Free, Universal]

Amy the Starry Archer. (by Gree) [Free, Universal]

Tofu Hunter (by [adult swim]) [Free, Universal]

Languinis: Match and Spell (by Tilting Point Spotlight) [Free, Universal]

KANO (by GLITCHE.RS) [Free, Universal]

Awesome Turn (by Kodari Games) [Free, Universal]

Jet Up (by Matthew Barrie) [Free, Universal]

Get to Zero (by Will W) [Free, Universal]

The Unstoppables (by Stiftung Cerebral) [Free, Universal]

Atomic Heroes (by NIVAL) [Free, Universal]

Deadliest Dungeon – Warrior of Chaos (by Adam Hale) [Free, Universal]

Snake Rewind (by Rumilus Design) [Free, Universal]

Super Death Ray (by Richard Locke) [Free, Universal]

Fearless Fantasy (by tinyBuild) [$3.99, Universal]

OnePath – Puzzle World (by Craig Dennis) [99c, Universal]

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 (by Paradox Interactive) [$4.99, Universal]

Sleep Furiously (by Playmation Studios) [$2.99, Universal]

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