iOS Roundup: 22/04/15 – Sorcery! 3, Does Not Commute and Much More

Number of Games: 16
Latest Update: 16:45

Minions Paradise (by Electronic Arts) [Free, Universal] New Zealand Soft Launch

Kayos (by Jonathon Lanis) [99c Launch Sale, Universal]

Century City (by Pine Entertainment) [Free, Universal]

Tower Slash (by Joao Costa) [Free, Universal]

Bouncy Bits (by PlaySide) [Free, Universal]

The Rumbly Bumstinkers (by Adam Holmes) [99c, Universal]

Pixel Wars Arena (by Mathias Reltgen) [99c, Universal]

Super Muzzle Flash (by Dime Studios) [Free, Universal]

Dungeon Link (by GAMEVIL USA) [Free, Universal]

Sorcery! 3 (by inkle) [$5.99, Universal]

Battle Odyssey (by Gameloft) [Free, Universal]

Pinball Sniper (by Ketchapp) [Free, Universal]

Does Not Commute (by Mediocre) [Free, Universal]

Nibblers (by Rovio Entertainment) [Free, Universal]

A Noble Circle (by Amirali Rajan) [Free, Universal]

Chouchou Puzzle Adventure (by Spinbot) [99c, Universal]

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