Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 13/04/15

Another expensive week for myself, with quite a few games on sale that have never seen reductions anywhere near the like they face this week. If you’re into bundles then it’s really worth checking out the MGS 10 Year Anniversary Bundle where beating the average will net you some absolute classics like Torchlight 2, realMyst and a slew of great point and click adventure titles. If you’ve stocked your Steam wallet in preperation for this Monday’s sales then read on for my recommendations from the weeklong sale starting on the 13th of April.

£3.99 down to 19p


Continuing the theme that began last week with Waveform, we have another cool indie title for less than 20p that drops cards that pays for the game itself. Morphopolis is sumptuous and abstract, a slow-burning puzzler that uses its gorgeously painted artwork to entertain as much as the gameplay. It’s mostly a simple affair of hidden objects and interactive elements but done in such a way that the short playtime is wholly enjoyable. It’s always hard to resist a game that’s on sale for such a massive discount, the fact that it’s a game I’d recommend regardless helps enormously.

The Waste Land
£6.99 down to 69p


Much like Morphopolis, I could make a case for buying The Waste Land on the price reduction alone but it’s also like the latter game in that it’s worth buying on its own merits. Harkening back to the early Castlevania titles, you have a decent-sized Metroidvania adventure with all the perks that brings; levelling, equipment, secrets and exploration-based rewards. It’s authentically designed and looks good enough to appeal to fans of the genre that don’t have the ties to the original inspirations. It’s not without flaws but it deserves much more attention than it received and is worth paying the entry price just to witness the love with which the world was crafted.

BloodRayne / BloodRayne 2 / BloodRayne Betrayal


The first two BloodRayne titles are classics; total schlock horror in the purest B-Movie sense. You cartwheel and dive around Nazi Germany as a vampire femme fatale, painting every available surface in crimson. The amount of blood is ridiculous and when you’re not spraying it over the walls, you’re drinking it to recover health. It’s the Deadly Premonition of third-person shooters/hackers and so expect ridiculous scripting, bugs and unintentionally hilarious moments but it’s entirely undeniable fun. The third, BloodRayne Betrayal is actually exceptionally polished and a very good side-scroller, far-removed from the tongue-in-cheek originals. If you missed the third games recent bundling, then this is a great chance to make up for it…or perhaps even get the complete set!

£6.99 down to £1.74


Outland is just fantastic. It’s compared to a platforming Ikaruga and it’s an apt description. Not only does the game utilise the shmup’s colour-changing mechanics to adapt to the various projectile types but it also is as deserving of accolades as the aforementioned game. It’s a wonderful Metroidvania, almost on a par with the greatest of the genre. The creature designs are fantastic, there are so many secrets to discover and the game constantly impresses with new elements throughout the whole of the lengthy journey. It might have taken its time getting to Steam but it’s all the more glorious for it. Oh, and uPlay is nowhere to be found!

Super Motherload
£10.99 down to £2.74


Super Motherload gets pretty mixed responses from its playerbase, mostly down to whether or not you have played the original game, simply called MotherLoad. Luckily, the game received an update that included the first game so now everyone can be happy! Regardless, I found Super Motherload to be incredibly enjoyable, a Soviet take on I Dig It with great humour, fast action and fantastic local multiplayer options. It’s hard to justify the pre-sale price tag but the reduction makes it very affordable and an easy recommend from me.

Notable Mentions:

Dyad £11.99 > £1.79   Beautiful sensory experience that’s hard to describe, easy to love.
Unrest £9.99 > £2.49   Interesting and unique interactive story set in India with multiple protagonists.
Viktor £5.59 > £2.79   Metroidvania with tight combat, great monster design and dark overtones.
King’s Bounty: Dark Side £12.99 > £3.24   Sinister fairy tale take on a classic strategy series.
Prophour23 £6.99 > £3.91   Bizarre, complex and beautifully macabre RTS that’s totally unforgettable.

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