Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 07/04/15

Quite the nice and varied haul for this week’s sale which has proved to be expensive personally! As much as my wallet may sting, it’s always good to find a selection of games on sale that have either never been reduced before or don’t find themselves discounted too often. These are my highlights of the weekly Steam sale of the week beginning the 8th of April.

£3.99 down to 19p


Waveform is fun; it’s not outstanding in any field, but it’s an enjoyable arcade experience that does something I’ve not seen before. That alone makes it very easy to recommend but once you consider that it costs less than twenty pence and drops trading cards that nearly cover its price, you can’t deny that it becomes a very tempting prospect! If you fancy an hours diversion for less than a penny per minute, then Waveform shouldn’t let you down.

Boson X
£1.99 down to 49p


Boson X is all kinds of adjectives. Stylish, brutal, addictive, exhilarating, simple, frustrating. It outshines the roots of its simple genre to eventually set the benchmark for runners all while eroding fingernails and breaking keyboards with its constant beatdowns. If you missed the previous bundles then it’s currently an absolute steal.

Advent Rising
£6.99 down to £1.39


An absolute classic on the Xbox that will unfortunately never see its cliffhanger resolved. It can be a little “wonky” on modern systems given the age of the game but there are workarounds if you find yourself with difficulties. A fantastic story, written by Orson Scott Card, with a great visual style, decent combat and so much more going for it that makes it a recommended buy for fans of Star Wars-esque space epics.

£10.99 down to £2.19


Minecraft-inspired games are a dime a dozen these days, and unfortunately they tend to stick very close to the mold rather than seek out alternate avenues to explore. FarSky quite literally submerges you in an alien world, tasking you with repairing your vessel while keeping yourself breathing – be it lack of oxygen or the numerous threats of the wildlife. With an end goal to aim for and all the aforementioned unique tweaks, FarSky is at once familiar and exciting.

Dead Space 2
£9.99 down to £2.49


Possibly the least indie title I could include in this roundup but again, quality is a stronger determinate for a recommendation than any other facet in my mind. More of a psychological horror TPS than true survival horror, Dead Space still does a better job of emulating older Resident Evil games than their modern counterparts. The adventure is a chilling grand odyssey occupied with some of the most grotesque creature design you’ll ever encounter in a game. The original is also on sale, so if you’ve yet to give them a try or fancy a replay then the two for less than a fiver is a bargain. These are part of the daily deal though, so act quickly if you want to grab them!

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