iOS Roundup: 06/04/15 – Brawl Bolts, Zero Tolerance Hero, Mortal Kombat X and More

Number of Games: 15
Latest Update: 02:00

Brawl Bolts (by Fat Lemon Entertainment) [iPad Only]

Zero Tolerance Hero (by Ookoohko Oy) [Free, iPad Only] New Zealand Soft Launch

Oil Hunt (by PlayFlame) [Free, Universal]

The Jailbreak (by Juhani Paaso) [Free, Universal]

DeckDeDungeon (by Yujiro Komine) [Free, Universal]

Dark Dayz – Prologue (by Brutal) [Free, Universal]

BasePinBall (by SAT-BOX) [Free, Universal]

Narborion 2: The God of Orcs (by Liber Primus Games) [Free, Universal]

Brigand (by Mark Damon Hughes) [Free, Universal]

Culebra (by Paulo Stephano Lara Galla) [Free, Universal]

Jetmania – Physics Powered Jetpack Wars (by Tillmania) [Free, Universal]

playsets. (by the playsets group) [Free, iPad Only]

Circle Frenzy (by PagodaWest Games) [Free, Universal]

Let it Flow (by Phi Entertainment) [99c, Universal]

Mortal Kombat X (by Warner Bros) [Free, Universal]

Leila and the Little Folk (by Bruce Lamond) [$2.99, Universal]


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