Steam Sale Weekly Roundup: 30/03/15

A bigger bounty than the last few weeks, which is always appreciated even if you own the highlights as normal! The bundles of the day include some lesser known and not necessarily well-received games as well as a Worms collection if you’re a series fan that somehow hasn’t picked them up over time. These are my picks of the weeklong sale starting on Monday the 30th of March.

Ghost Master
£2.99 down to 74p


While it may look like The Sims, Ghost Master is very much a unique experience. You control a variety of supernatural creatures and your aim is to terrify the residents of a range of properties. The gameplay is creative and has still yet to be replicated effectively so if you can run it, buy it. For the meager price, you get a slice of gaming greatness that has aged remarkably well.

Ghostbusters: The Videogame
£6.99 down to £2.09


I know, it’s not an indie but I like to think it’s more important to recommend good games regardless of their developer in these segments. Ghostbusters is a cool third-person shooter with a huge dose of fan service, great voice acting and memorable moments galore. If you’re a fan of the franchise then you’ll most likely adore this, if not then it’s a perfectly enjoyable adventure in its own right. If you missed the last sale, then this is a fantastic chance to cross the streams once more.

Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut
£4.99 down to £2.49


This is my personal purchase of the sale so I’m looking forward to checking out an authentic retro experience that’s been described as a twin-stick Dig Dug. The comedy level is high as you help Queen Victoria fight across Mars in here efforts to get back home. Reactions to Rock Boshers has been very positive on Steam, with absolutely zero negative reviews. If that that isn’t impressive then nothing is!

Citizens of Earth
£9.99 down to £6.99


Another game I’m looking forward to picking up myself. Atlus are my undisputed lords of traditional RPGs, and with the genre facing a surprising decline (RPG Maker made games aside) there’s no way I can pass up Citizens of Earth. Incredibly funny yet still a competent adventure, the reception was overwhelmingly positive. It’s not the biggest reduction but it’s the best it’s had and so this is a decent chance to continue supporting a fantastic developer making beautifully niche titles.

£9.99 down to £6.99


Technically, this is not part of the Weeklong Sale, but it’s still a reduced price and one of my all-time favourite games on Steam so I couldn’t resist. The Puzzle Quest matching is complimented by requiring an XCOM level of strategy. If you can stomach yet another matching game then you’ll find an incredibly detailed world, heaps of loot, tense and tough battles and huge production values. You can read my full review here.

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