iOS Roundup: 25/03/15 – Dungeon of Madness, Breath of Light, Jump’N’Shoot Attack and More

Number of Games: 18
Latest Update: 19:47

Spinlanders (by Backup Entertainment) [Free, Universal]

Star Squad Space Rescue (by GeekBrain Games) [Free, Universal]

Token Hero (by PeiHong Jiang) [Free, Universal]

Space Bounties Inc. (by Dancing Cat Development) [$1.99, Universal]

WaveRun (by Bartlomiej Wojtowicz) [99c, Universal]

OLYM (by Oink Games) [Free, Universal]

Fusion Two (by Bulkypix) [Free, Universal]

Jump’N’Shoot Attack (by Fullscreen) [$1.99, Universal]

Breath of Light (by Many Monkeys) [$2.99, Universal]

Stickman Rush (by Ketchapp) [Free, Universal]

Dot Warriors Pair (by INFINIZ) [Free, Universal]

PATHZ (by P-O-M apps) [Free, Universal]

64 Bits (by SquareOrb) [Free, Universal]

Dungeon of Madness (by Game Stew) [$1.99, Universal]

Worzel Gummidge (by Bulkypix) [Free, Universal]

Marvel Mighty Heroes (by DeNA) [Free, Universal] Canada Soft Launch

Gamebook: Pocket RPG (by LL Studio) [$1.99, Universal]

Guncat (by Shortbreak Studios) [Free, Universal] Canada/New Zealand Soft Launch

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