Steam Sale Weekly Roundup: 23/03/15

A weekly sale chock full of cool indie items this time. On an unrelated note, the current IndieGala bundle has a couple of absolute classics in it so I recommend giving that a little look; Freedom Planet and Crimzon Clover are fantasic games well worth their RRPs any day. With the temporary excitement of a price glitch bringing a £12 game down to 50p finished, these are the highlights of the week-long sale starting Monday the 24th of March.


£6.99 down to £1.39


Uber-stylish wireframe runner that feels unique, otherworldly and yet convincingly real at the same time. Sprint powerfully and leap over enormous chasms through unique racetracks with a pumping soundtrack. It’s great to play something so unusual and creative that it becomes difficult to describe, watch a trailer and you’ll most likely fall in love. It’s a great price for a fairly recent release.

MirrorMoon EP
£6.99 down to £1.39


Ah, another minimalistic yet incredibly stylish indie oddity on sale today. MirrorMoon EP is much better left without a description though I can say that if you’re into first person puzzle adventurers like Portal, Q.U.B.E. and Antichamber then you’ll probably love this. Surreal and artsy with some very intelligent design, it’s a memorable experience the whole way through.

The Hive
£13.99 down to £6.99


I’m yet to play this personally but I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Hive. The strange amalgamation of RTS, adventure and strategy looks absolutely stunning though there’s a long way to go in the development. It’s a great chance to get into supporting the development and helping it grow though that comes with the usual EA caveats. The AI and creature design show a lot of promise so hopefully this grows into the full experience it deserves.

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