Steam Weekly Sale Roundup: 02/03/15

In the first of a new regular series, I’ll be covering my personal highlights of the Steam sale that refreshes every Monday at 6pm  (UTC+00:00). It will balance the best reductions with the best games, aiming to pick the quality titles at their lowest ever prices. I’ll likely not cover the daily specials as they’re well-advertised but given the sheer number and range of the Weeklong sales, sometimes a little helping hand is necessary. The prices will be correct at the time of publishing but please make sure to double check before you confirm the purchase. Without further ado, here are my picks of the weekly reductions starting on Monday the 2nd of March.

Squishy the Suicidal Pig
£1.99 down to 9p


From the creators of Hero Siege, Squishy is a very clever platformer. Your aim is to help the titular pig kick the bucket using the environment in ways that seem counter-intuitive to most experienced gamers. It quickly gets deviously difficult, to the point that you can spend over an hour trying different approaches. It’s charming, unique, lengthy, and challenging so for the incredible price of 9p you’d be hard pushed to find a reason not to pick it up.

£4.49 down to £1.12


This has been bundled before so it technically has been available cheaper but if you missed it, you should definitely consider this second chance. Summoner was one of my favourite PS2 RPGs and given the console’s habit of providing topnotch genre examples, it’s high praise. The story is unique, the gameplay deep and challenging plus it will take over a hundred hours to truly see everything possible. It will take a little fiddling to get working on some newer machines but it’s well worth it.

£6.99 down to £1.74


Luftrausers is inherently stylish; swooping between monochrome waves of fighters and dodging their endless bullet salvos is effortlessly cool. It’s also ludicrously intense in its speed, making it as much a delight to watch as play. Appealing to arcade aficionados as much as bullet hell fanatics, it straddles genres well and retains that moreish nature Vlambeer. It’s been bundled before but only in a higher tier of a Humble Bundle so its current price is a great deal.

Sky Mercenaries
£6.99 down to £1.74


I’m hugely enthusiastic about shmups but I’m under no illusions that it’s a specialist genre. This isn’t going to be the game to change your mind if you’re offended by traditional bullet hell action but fans will most likely enjoy it enough to warrant the entry fee. It’s reassuringly classic in visuals as well as gameplay with a slight Ikaruga colour twist. It hasn’t been bundled before as far as I know so this is the cheapest it’s been available for.

£22.99 down to £7.58


If Slitherine or Hunted Cow’s penchant for strategic and stat-heavy tabletop warfare gaming matches your own preferences then Hell is a must-buy in regards to gameplay and price. The reduction is huge and marks the introduction of cross-platform multiplayer with the new iOS version. It’s great to see the two developing giants take on fantasy war-gaming and the result is a deep and beautiful experience with campaigns spanning both sides of the war.

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