iOS Roundup: 28/02/15 – iNethack2, Knights & Snails, Skullz and More

Number of Games: 15
Latest Update: Sunday

Skullz (by Zeichenkraftwerk Jeutter, Schaller, Staeger) [99c, Universal]

Squrple (by no-jo) [$1.99, Universal]

CosmoLands | Premium Edition (by Ivan Matskevich) [99c, Universal]

iNethack2 (by Future Shock Software) [Free, Universal]

The Treasures of Montezuma 4 HD (by Alawar Entertainment) [$4.99, iPad Only]

Religion Simulator (by Gravity Software) [$2.99, Universal]

Prize Claw 2 (by Game Circus) [Free, Universal]

Catching Kittens (by 3ID Studios) [Free, Universal]

Block Amok (by mominis) [Free, Universal]

Don’t Stop the Creeps (by Tigrido) [Free, Universal]

Knights & Snails (by Knights Digital) [Free, Universal]

FoxTrotte (by WitchLake) [Free, Universal]

GrottyScape | Free (by Ivan Matskevich) [Free, Universal]

LEGO Elves – Unite The Magic (by The LEGO Group) [Free, Universal]

The King of Thieves (by Piotr Skalski) [Free, Universal]

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