iOS Roundup: 16/02/15 – Imps In Tokyo, Bob’s Space Adventure and More

Number of Games: 10
Latest Update: Tuesday

Bob’s Space Adventure (by Red Magnet Store) [Free, Universal]

Imps in Tokyo (by We Are Vigilantes) [$1.99, Universal]

MADFIST Retro (by Michiel Kamerman) [Free, Universal]

Orb Trials Pro (by Michael Sherwin) [99c, Universal] Free Version Available

Oddwings Escape (by Small Giant Games) [Free, Universal]

mg_CUBE. (by GREE) [$2.99, Universal]

Monkey King Escape (by Ubisoft) [Free, Universal]

Journey to the Core! (by Chris Gripeos) [99c, Universal]

Canine Life (by Wigu Games Studio) [Free, Universal]

CosmoLands (by Ivan Matskevich) [Free, Universal]


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