iOS Roundup: 11/02/15 – Daytona Rush, Staying Together, Atmospug and More

Number of Games: 19
Latest Update: 21:33

FLASHOUT 2S (by Jujubee) [Free, Universal]

Radical (by BeaverTap Games) [Free, Universal]

Daytona Rush (by Invictus) [Free, Universal]

Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker (by Artifex Mundi) [Free, Universal]

World of Khaos (by Rapid Turtle Games) [$1.99, Universal]

Capitalism Quest (by Steve O’Gorman) [Free, Universal]

Staying Together (by Naquatic) [Free, Universal]

Run Bird Run (by Ketchapp) [Free, Universal]

Atmospug, the Cloud Jumping Dog (by Gut Shot Games) [Free, Universal]

Tiny Hoglets (by Bulkypix) [Free, Universal]

Rise of the Goat (by Wilhelm Clemm) [Free, Universal]

So We Run (by Afanur Rashid) [Free, Universal]

V1CTR (by Gary Vestal) [99c, iPad Only]

Tank Operations: European Campaign (by Headup Games) [$8.99, iPad Only]

Starship Captain: Adventure in Alpha Sector (by CleverMedia) [Free, iPad Only]

NodeOut ARENA (by TeamC Studio) [Free, Universal]

Voxelvoid (by Blitzm Systems) [Free, Universal]

Edge Runner (by Membranos) [Free, Universal]

Pocket Mine 2 (by Roofdog Games) [Free, Universal]


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