iOS Roundup: 04/02/15 – Sinking Feeling, The Detail, Ammo Pigs and More

Number of Games: 15
Latest Update: 23:30

The games release right in the middle of a work day now so I’ll be doing the roundups a little differently; the frame work will go up now, like this, and then I’ll add the links in a rapid-fire manner. It may be a little haphazard but the key information will be there and I’ll be able to expand it as the day goes on and I free up a little time. Thank you for your patience!

Heist City Heat (by Big Fish Games) [Free, Universal]

Hyper Maze Arcade (by Pixel Heart) [Free, Universal]

Daggervale Free (by Concept Softworks) [Free, Universal]

Immortal Odyssey (by Gameloft) [Free, Universal]

Nobody Said It Was Easy (by Joseph Rothenberg) [Free, Universal]

Ammo Pigs (by Cascadia Games) [$1.99, Universal]

Miles From Tomorrowland: Missions (by Disney) [Free, Universal]

ZigZag (by Ketchapp) [Free, Universal]

The Detail (by Rival Games) [$4.99, Universal]

One Player Pong (by Sean Kearney) [Free, Universal]

Selknam Defense (by Meridian4) [Free, Universal]

Vector Jet (by 99 Up Games) [Free, Universal]

Dot Zone (by Endemol Games) [Free, Universal]

The Hardest Flight (by Chillingo) [Free, Universal]

Sinking Feeling (by Force of Habit) [99c, Universal]


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