iOS Roundup: 28/01/15 – Exiles, Particle Mace, Lamp And Vamp, Fahrenheit, RuneSpell and More

Early next week I’ll be starting work for Pocket Gamer, something I’m incredibly excited about. I’m not expecting it to affect my time here or elsewhere but hopefully it will make it understandable if I miss a day or post later than expected. Thank you so much for the views and support that have got me to this position and I’ll leave you to the latest Wednesday rush, cheers!

Number of Games: 24
Latest Update: 00:15

Exiles (by Crescent Moon Games) [$4.99, Universal]


Particle Mace (by Andy Makes) [$2.99, Universal]


Miner Z (by Totebo) [Free, Universal]


Clouds: The Rainmaker (by DADIU) [Free, Universal]


Wonder Wool (by DADIU) [Free, Universal]


Factory Escape (by Team Twistoid) [99c, Universal]


Football Showdown 2015 (by Naquatic) [Free, Universal]


Ted the Jumper (by Bulkypix) [99c, Universal]

The Inner World – The Puzzle (by Headup Games) [$1.99, iPad Only]

Total Destruction (by Ganimedes) [Free, Universal]

Exit Strategy (by Chillingo) [Free, Universal]

Mean Girls: The Game (by So Much Drama Studio) [$3.99, Universal]

Punchy! (by Dobsoft Studios) [Free, Universal]

Lamp and Vamp (by GlobZ) [$1.99, Universal]

RuneSpell Overture (by Mystic Box) [$4.99, iPad Only]

Playworld Superheroes (by Starship Group) [$3.99, Universal]

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy (by Aspyr Media) [$9.99, Universal]

Touchdown Hero (by Cherrypick Games) [Free, Universal]

Pro Pinball (by Barnstorm Games) [Free, Universal]

BlitzKeep (by Elijah Delventhal) [$3.99, Universal]

Xenobot (by GameShock Limited Liability Company) [Free, Universal]

Xcite Mountain Bike (by WerakuGames) [Free, Universal]

Active Soccer 2 (by Gianluca Troiano) [$3.99, Universal]

Puppet Punch (by Kedoo) [Free, Universal]

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