iOS Picks of the Week – Entry 4

It’s times like these that I’m glad I choose to cover a selection of the best games of the week, rather than just one title. It can be all too predictable what that one pick will be at times and this roundup is no exception with the stellar The Sailor’s Dream. That’s not to downplay the adoration the game rightfully deserves but it shouldn’t come at the detriment to other great titles and this is a week crammed tight with great games to try out.

So far I’ve posted exactly 100 games, quite possibly the busiest week I’ve seen since I started the blog. Hopefully that conveys the greatness of the choices in this list considering how effectively it’s been distilled. Here are my suggestions for the best iOS games of the week beginning the 3rd of November 2014.

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Partnership with

On a short personal note, I wanted to announce that I’m forging a partnership with GameMob. I’ll be reviewing, discussing and rounding up the latest iOS releases there as well as on this site and I’m incredibly proud to be doing so. I’ll still be updating the blog daily but it’s a great opportunity to force a wider audience to listen to my ramblings and something I’m very excited to pursue.

It’s a great site which excels at up-to-date mobile gaming news, so obviously that suits me perfectly. Without any bias, it’s well worth checking them out as I’ve found they are often faster to report than most other major sites and cover a better range of under-the-radar titles.

I really do have to thank you guys though; your continued visits, comments and link-clicks have made this possible for me. So cheers, you can return to your scheduled gaming information!