iOS Roundup: 21/10/14

Another good Tuesday headlined by Miika, a great find from community member Bronxsta. The size of the selection varies depending on how late I check the games the previous day but either way, tomorrow promises a decent haul!

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iOS Picks of the Week – Entry 1

Daily roundups are great, I love making them, but it’s very easy to let a game slip if the name just doesn’t grab you and the format leaves little room for me to give recommendations. Starting from now, every Sunday will have one of these articles providing you with my favourites of the week’s releases and a little description of why I think it deserves to be played. They won’t be in order of recommendation as I’m not fond of rating games against each other so it’s worth checking the list in its entirety for hidden gems.

Obviously, a lot of this comes down to my personal taste which can be slightly eclectic so if you see something you’re loving missing then leave a comment so others (and me, of course!) can share in the enjoyment. So, without further waffling, click below to see my picks from the week beginning 13/10/14:

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iOS Roundup: 16/10/14

I’m going to be moving away from posting on TA; the workload to comment ratio has unbalanced dramatically so it seems like a sadly wasted effort. The de-moderation and apparent lack of appreciation for the many hours of work from the officials of TA has been incredibly depressing to weather. On the positive side, it means this site will be updated faster and more comprehensively. So, with all that said, here are the games for this Thursday!

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