iOS Roundup: 31/10/14

A quiet day as many would predict but I’m intrigued by Away Team and the rest are also interesting so by no means a lost cause. Midnight Star sounds big but the release notes suggest it’s been out a while so I’m confused why the AppStore suggests it’s brand new. Either way, it’s got to be worth trying if you haven’t already!

Update: 00:00. Red Winter’s latest Lost Viking along with a few others.

Away Team (by Tom Cooper) [99c, Universal]


Midnight Star (by Industrial Toys) [Free, Universal]


Creative Escape (by Ellie Leonard) [Free, Universal]


Battleground Defense 3: The City Reloaded (by Evelyn Labs) [99c, Universal]

BattlegroundDefense3 Paid Version Free Version

Redeemer: Mayhem Free (by Movyl Entertainment) [Free, Universal]


Knifetank: The Hauntening (by Doctor Popular) [Free, Universal]


Lost Viking (by Red Winter) [$2.99, Universal]


Twisted. (by Wim Coosemans) [Free, Universal]


Falleritus Lite (by Raincloud Productions) [Free, Universal]


Stealers Steal (by Outshine) [Free, iPad Only]


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