iOS Roundup: 25/10/14

A little later than usual as there appeared to be little worth mentioning, but a few surprises appeared. If you like pixelated visuals then you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. Tomorrow will be the weekly roundup so keep an eye out if you’ve missed a few of the previous roundups!

Million’s Lovers – Tricks, Likes, Treats (by Chung Yeung Chan) [$1.99/£1.49, iPhone Only]


Bloody Pixel Zombies (by Werplay) [Free, Universal]


Mega Pigeon (by Cyberaptica) [Free, Universal]


Corridor of Chaos (by WolfDog Studios) [Free, Universal]


Dead End Alley (by Meijer Creative) [Free, Universal]


Ariel’s Fate – The Mystery Isle (by Andrew Chia) [Free, Universal]


(Unfortunately, nowhere near as interesting as it appears. Left it on the list as it’s bound to garner attention initially so you’re forewarned)

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