iOS Roundup: 11/09/2014

In what should be the first of very, very many articles, I’ll be highlighting some of the picks of the new releases on iOS devices. As the market can be flooded in the space of hours, these daily roundups will attempt to ease the foraging and bring to attention some of the best of the days releases. While some days go without a notable addition, it’s fairly uncommon so check daily for updates! Without further ado, the new releases for the 12th of September 2014, including Five Night’s at Freddy’s and more.

Five Nights at Freddy’s


As someone with Automatonophobia, I can attest to the genuine creepiness of Five Nights. Promising more than just jump scares, the Youtube sensation has finally landed on iOS at the very reasonable price of $2.99/£1.99. Having played the PC version, I can imagine that the touch controls will lend themselves very well to the interface – just be sure not to throw your iDevice across the room when one of the animatronic monsters claims you as his trophy!

Aevana: Unstoppable


New Zealand Soft Launch: Bandai Namco (determined to confuse Namco Bandai fans) have just released their anticipated Project: Unstoppable with a flashy title and rather lovely visuals. It initially resembles an endless runner take on Infinity Blade, but is very much more in the latter genre. There are definitely some interesting features in the game and being free warrants a download providing you have the room for the hefty filesize.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX


New Zealand Soft Launch: The second Bandai Namco release of the day is the updated version of Championship Edition DX (doesn’t that make it DX DX?). Featuring the usual freemium trappings, hopefully the trademark awesome gameplay makes up for it. You can load up your New Zealand account, if you have one, and grab it from here:

Explodey BAM!


From the creator of the kooky curio Depri-Horst comes this entertaining time waster. Simple in premise, whereby you must tap every object before it falls off screen, things are kept interesting by sudden effects like reversed gravity and increased speed. Pretty addictive and entirely free with no timers or IAPs. Definitely something that should be supported in the current climate!!/id914257153?mt=8

Pako King: Dreamworks Adventures


Whilst I intend to focus on indie gaming in other articles, I would be remiss to specialise in these roundups. Joining the sudden onslaught of Peggle-clones, Pako King at least brings some recognisable faces to the mix. It’s free so you can expect the usual macguffins, but it’s sure to entertain the little ones at the very least. After all, there literally is no such thing as too much Peggle!

Super Heavy Sword Free


Offering a demo experience of the recently released platformer, SHSF is definitely a recommended download if you haven’t got round to trying the full game. A retro love letter from the developer of Steam Punks and the original Heavy Sword. It’s always good to see a dev release trial versions given their sudden rarity.

Keep an eye out for any sudden additions throughout the day as the Appstore is a fast-moving beast. If you find any games worth visiting then you’re always welcome to contact me at peteozzy [at]

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